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Marketing Tips For Waterfront Property

    Are you looking for new ideas for marketing you lakefront and major waterfront real estate listings?  Often times we get into ruts in marketing property, we simply put listings on a local MLS and hope that they get seen.  Sure most MLS offices push their listings to many major sites like and - but is that really getting your waterfront listing seen by the targeted audience that you're trying to attract?  The question you need to ask yourself is...  WHO is specifically LOOKING for waterfront property to meet their specific wants or needs?


Tip #1 thru #100 - Actually take a few minutes and THINK about who your targeted audience is!

   We are all part of communities, not just by geographical boundaries, but also by specific interest we have. What "community" will your waterfront property serve?

The Aviation Community - The most overlooked  community when it comes to marketing!

    One of the groups I often think get overlooked the most in real estate marketing campaigns is the hundreds of thousands of pilots around our country.  Pilots tend to have a higher per capita income, and normally have reached some level of success in their lives and careers.  Yet most real estate agents never consider marketing directly to this group of potential buyers.  WHY?  The scary truth is that many real estate "professionals" never consider marketing even airport hangars to the aviation community, they simply put the hangar they are listing in their MLS and wait for the phone to ring!  Many pilots have floatplanes, seaplanes or amphibious aircraft (both land and water) ... are you getting any ideas yet?  Why not market your waterfront listings to pilots that are looking for lakefront homes or other waterfront properties for their floatplane?  Pilots often purchase properties in multiple states, as it's easy for them to travel between their homes. 

    If your interested in marketing your waterfront properties to the aviation community on the internet, I would suggest Aviation Acres is a real estate database for aviation and major waterfront properties, not a classified ad site.  The site has a very professional look, and your listings are in a searchable database, making them easier for potential buyers to find.  Once you create an account, you're allowed to add multiple listings for the same price.

    There are many publications in which you could advertise in such as Pilot Magazine, Flying Magazine . My personal experience in running ads in publications has not been so grand. You can expect to pay upwards of $2000 to get a rather small ad in a typical publication.  Unless the publication has a very defined niche that matches your listing, I would stay away.

    Now you may not have only found a new client for your waterfront listing, but who knows, maybe you're able to get a referral when they look for the next property!  Go to your local airshows and meet some pilots, or research organizations like AOPA (Airplane Owners and Pilots Association) for additional ideas.

The Fishing Community -

    Fishing is truly one of our nations favorite past times, and one very large "community" of potential buyers.  Understanding this, become the expert on the types of fishing available for the body of water your listing is on.  Even if you hate to fish, take the time to learn about your lake or open water.  Do people bass fish, fly fish or deep water fish on this body of water?  What types of fish would you expect to catch...  average size... what types of bait?  So now you're asking yourself... how the &^%@ does this help me market my lakefront listing.  Well here's how.

Ad #1

   Nice waterfront home for sale Blaa Blaa Blaa on large lake with good fishing.

Ad # 2

    Nice waterfront home for sale Blaa Blaa Blaa on Whatever Lake. Bring your best fly rod, as Lake Whatever holds the state record for rainbow trout. The caddis hatch is always on!

    These examples are just a poor attempt to show you the difference.  The the point is if you take the time to learn more about your "product" your ability to sell that product is always easier. And knowing your product also helps you decide where to spend your advertising dollars.  Maybe more important than that... you may have picked up a new Buyer moving to your area off this ad because they think you may understand the fishing, have something in common, and be the agent they want to work for, even if they can't afford this high priced waterfront listing your advertising! 

    Here are some other "communities" you may wish to consider... some may not apply, but start considering your options.

  • Water skiing

  • Waterfowl hunting

  • Scuba Diving

  • Hockey (winter time sports)

Websites for Marketing Waterfront Properties...

  • - Market your waterfront properties to the aviation community.  Many pilots have floatplanes or amphibious (land and water) planes, and pilots tend to have the incomes that can afford waterfront property.

  • - Works with lakefront homes

  • -  Currently in Beta test according to the site.




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